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"Dominate Your Data" - At Aculocity we believe that data is at the core of any successful business solution. Consolidated and integrated data, easily accessed via application interfaces and displayed using graphic visualization and reports will give your company a competitive advantage. With integrated and enriched data representing your business functions, products, operations and sales, we can help you gain advanced insights into your market. We will convert your data into an asset.

Aculocity was founded in 2006. Our talented technologists, based in the USA, South Africa and Moldova serve a diversified portfolio of clients.

Big Data

The "Big Data" concept represents data sets that are too large, unstructured or complex to be analyzed computationally by traditional data tools. The Big Data tools and concepts enable the identification of patterns, trends and associations of data, giving insight into human behavior and interactions.

Data Benefits

Find New Sources Of Revenue
Enhance Customer Experience
Winning And Keeping Customers

Data Challenges

Integration Issues
Lack Of Talent (Implementation)
Lack Of Talent (Analysis)

Our Services

Data Management

Companies need instant access to an ever-growing amount of unstructured data. Data needs to be governed, shared and socialized. We provide assistance in architecting and managing your data.

Data Integration

Companies have issues with data locked into silos, and struggle to reconcile duplicated information. Our data integration expertise will give you holistic, unified insight to your business functions.

Data Visualization

Striking data visualization brings company data to life, enabling the discovery and exploitation of untapped trends that might not be apparent through the analysis of numbers alone.

API Frameworks

Structured API frameworks allow you to expose your Data assets to strategic external partners as well as internal systems. API’s lead to a faster time to market and create a ‘Plug and Play’ environment.

ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be challenging in their inflexibility. We have the skills to assist you in integrating and extending your ERP systems to evolve with your business requirements.

Technology Management

Technology solutions to be managed and maintained. We can help you develop lean, functional processes, ensuring the optimal performance and maximum uptime of your technology assets.

Our Clients

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Case Studies

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Lab Demos

SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst is a data visualization tool that allows you to investigate and validate how well your SEO efforts are doing. Not only does the tool give you a good overview of how your content is seen by major search engines, but also gives you the ability to compare yourself to your competitors in terms of keyword density, page speeds, social media footprint and more. The tool is simple, start by entering some keywords below.

Chicago Crime Report

The Chicago Crime Stats is an interactive report that visualizes Chicago’s crime statistics for 2014. The City of Chicago releases crime data for free through their public data portal. Since our headquarters are located in Chicago, we decided to see what we could make of all the information released. Crime has been broken down into categories including personal, property, morality and other on a zip code level.

Pro Prospect

The Pro Prospect demo app is a map-driven data analytics tool that consolidates many 3rd-party data points into a single data warehouse and framework. The experience we have gained in the automotive marketing space gives dealers or marketing account executives the ability to create campaigns that target specific customers and vehicles geographically based on their proximity to a dealership.

Sunburst Charts

The Sunburst Chart is a great way to visualize hierarchical data. You can generate one online for FREE here.

Bullet Graph

The Bullet Graph is a concept originally designed and developed by Stephen Few by the traditional thermometer charts and progress bars found in many dashboards. The Bullet Graph is designed to replace those dashboard gauges and charts by representing data as a set of measures compared to each other in a simple yet powerful way.

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